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Hi friends! I hope you all are doing well. You would have searched at least once to download your favorite movie or TV show on internet. Many websites are present on the internet, which are full of fake links and content. So, here we are providing the one-stop solution for it. This is the beetv apk which you have been searching to download and watch free shows & movies.

The application is free to download over the internet and can be used by anyone on their own responsibility. BeeTv doesn’t require any subscription but for the premium version, you have to pay a small amount i.e., 4$ per month. Let’s check what is beetv apk first.

beetv apk

BeeTv is a free to download app which provides free movies and TV shows to us, which can be streamed live or downloaded directly to the smartphone. The latest version of the apk is v2.3.7, and news about the newer versions will be published as soon as they are rolled out.

App NameBeeTV
Version name2.3.7
Root required?No
Subscription required?No it is Free to use.
Main FeatureWatch Movies & TV shows
Android versionAndroid 5.0 and above required.

Before downloading the apk, we should know about the wide range of features provided by it. It has many features that aren’t available in any other competitor app in the market.

This is the reason why the app became so famous as soon as it’s launch. It had already crossed 500k+ installs on the internet in just two months of the launch, which shows it’s popularity. The main vital reasons behind its popularity are clean UI, User interaction, Better support, No hidden subscriptions. Everything is open for the users, You won’t feel cheated after installing this app.

Below is the download procedure for the beetv apk for Android version 2.3.7

Download Beetv v2.3.7 for Android

Beetv is primarily designed for Android smartphones, and frequent updates are rolled out timely for it. Here is the procedure to download beetv for Android, so let’s get started.


First of all, To download the application, you have to click on the download button given below.

Download Apk

After downloading the apk from the above link, you can find it in your download section of your mobile.

beetv app for android

Now, let’s go on to the installation procedure of the apk.

Install Beetv for Android

Just click on the icon of the file and it will ask whether to install it from package installer. Simply click on yes.

You will be shown a screen as given below.

beetv install

Click on the install button and the install should get started. You can also get an error of installation blocked due to unknown source. We have given the solution below in the FAQ section.

beetv apk install

Once the apk is installed, click on the open/run option to run the app on your Android device.


Once the application is launched, you will get a splash screen showing a bee that is pretty cool in view. It will ask permission for storage which is required for downloading procedure.

beetv apk permissions

After allowing the permissions, It will ask for choosing your preferred language. This is also a nice feature of beetv as it has a multilingual feature which means any language speaking user can use it.


You can choose any language in this wide range available. It has 50+ languages installed in the apk.

beetv apk video player

After choosing the language, You have to choose the default player for streaming live videos. The app itself has two built-in players, but these players have ads present in it which may be the reason for you to use your own video player. you can select any media player installed on your smartphone.

Below is the first look of the beetv apk for Android. It will be shown as soon as you complete the installation procedure given above. If the video library doesn’t load then follow the troubleshooters in the FAQs section.

beetv first look
Beetv First look

So, Now you have downloaded & installed the apk. Let’s have a quick look at the pros and cons of the apk.

Pros and cons of  beetv for Android

Here is the list of the pros and cons of it.


  • Clean User Interface
  • Better Download speed
  • Multiple languages supported
  • Inbuilt media player
  • Autoplay next videos option
  • Regular new updates
  • Various Genres of movies available
  • Watchlist option to save movies to watch later
  • Multiple subtitles available
  • Auto Backup option
  • Very helpful and fast support to users


  • Advertisements are present on the bottom as well as in the media player
  • Premium version cost 4$ per month to its users
  • Minors bugs are present many times
  • Sometimes the app won’t load

These were the list of pros and cons which aren’t biased and will give you a brief idea about the apk. If you still not have made your mind to give it a try then below are the fantastic features of the apk.

Features of Beetv Apk for Android

It has many amazing features from which we will be discussing only a few of them.

Latest Regular Updates & Supports

It gives you regular updates from time to time with many new features added every time you update the app. Beetv has its own Facebook page where you can give your feedback and suggestions.

It also has excellent customer support to help its users.

HD Releases

The app has movies in many resolutions. You can watch compressed versions as well as HD movies. Mostly while searching for free movies & tv shows, we don’t get higher resolutions but here you can get them.

Hindi Movies

Indians are everywhere and so their requirements. The app also contains Hindi Movies for it’s Indian users.

Indian movies

You can find all the latest Hindi movies on the app to download and binge watch it for free. It also has many other sections which is it’s another amazing feature.

Multiple Options

It has many options to watch within i.e., Tv shows, movies, HD releases, Hindi movies, Anime, Calendar. You can surf anything from it for free.

multiple movie options

You also have history, watchlist and collection options to watch movies later on when you have free time.

Inbuilt Video Player

The application has it’s inbuilt video player for Android version. So, You don’t have to install any new media player from the play store.

The only con is that the media player has ads stuffed in it which can cause inconvenience to some of it’s users but it is necessary for the app to run it’s servers and frequent updates. As the application doesn’t ask you to pay for it.

Even if you don’t like it, You have the option to use your own media player to stream the movies from the app.

In-App Multiple Language

The developers know that users can be of any country due to which they give multiple options for choosing the language to use the app. However, this language option doesn’t change the language of the movie but it changes the description for ease of the users.

Wide range of subtitles

This is where the app has the upper hand. It has many subtitles present within the app which can be downloaded if you are watching a movie in another language.

It has 25+ language subtitles for it’s users absolutely free to use and download. You don’t have to pay any fees for using them.

Enough of it’s features, What if you want to use it on PC? Is there any app available? let’s answer your questions.

Download Beetv for PC

Everyone likes the big screen, Our smartphones don’t give us the experience which can be provided by the PCs. We always prefer watching movie on PCs. So, Here we will discuss about beetv for PC.

Beetv isn’t available for PC right now but it will soon be launched for it. You can still download and use it if you want to but you have to do some tweaks in it.

beetv apk

To download and use it on PC, You have to install an Android emulator. Android emulator is an windows application which simulates the features of an Android smartphone on your PC. It is free to download and very easy to operate. It is same as an Android smartphone.

I prefer NOX player but you can also use bluestacks or any other emulator as per your choice. Most of these emulators are free to download and use. But you should always download the files through trusted sources as other’s can have malware present in it.

First of all download the Android apk from the above Download button. You should remember to download the apk on your PC. Just copy our website link and run it on your windows device. After downloading the apk, follow the procedure given below.

  • Download any Android emulator of your choice.
  • After downloading, Run it as an administrator since sometimes it can show error whole running.
  • Once the emulator is ready install the apk on it. After installing run it same as the installation procedure of the Android device.
  • If you still get any error then follow the FAQs section or comment below.

This is the procedure for installing Beetv apk for PC. If you want to use it on your television then check the following points.

Beetv for Chromecast (TV)

Beetv cannot be casted directly to android TV or Samsung/LG monitors but it can be used by the help of chromcast installed on your TV.

At this time it isn’t available for smart TVs but it will be rolled out till the end of the year 2019 as per the news.

You can always contact us regarding the latest updates of the beetv apk.

Frequently asked Questions (FAQs)

Our users have many questions in their minds and we aren’t able to answer each and every question in personal. So, here are the answers of some of the frequently asked questions. If you have any doubt then refer to it and if you still don’t get your answer then you are welcomed to contact us directly.

Is beetv safe to use?

You would be thinking that how can you trust an apk from some unknown source found randomly on google. We always check the apk for any malware to ease the work for you. All the apks uploaded here are checked by virus total which is a leading virus scanning website on internet.

You can also check it on your own and you won’t find any malware present in it. Since we always take care of our users and provides the best updates about the apk.

Why it isn’t available on Playstore?

This question arises in many minds. The answer is even if the application may not be illegal but still it promotes piracy which is against the google playstore policy. This is the reason of it’s unavailability on playstore.

If you find any app with similar on playstore then please don’t fall for it as they are the replica and not the original one. The original apk can only be found on it’s genuine websites present on google.

Is it legal to use?

The app scrapes movie and tv show download links at one place from the websites randomly present over internet. It doesn’t host any of it’s content. It is just a medium between those websites and it’s users and connect them with each other.

We don’t own any rights of the movies and we don’t upload them. The app just searches for the movie name on internet and scrapes the download link of it.

But it is still somewhat not legal since it promotes piracy and users are responsible for any harm caused to them. We don’t sell any user data or anything to others and users should feel free to contact us if they find something like that.

Difference between free and premium beetv apk

There is no such apk but you have to create a Real Debrid account if you want to watch the movies in Bluray quality.

It costs around 4€ a month and it is not paid to the developers of beetv but directly to the Real Debrid developers which provide us the uncompressed versions of movies for premium subscription. You can always watch them in HD for free on the app. It doesn’t require any type of payment.

Too Many Ads present in the app

We tend to provide a better user interface with minimal ads to our users.We need to show ads to fulfill the requirements of the servers to run the app.Beetv doesn’t charge anything to our users but for rolling out regular updates and hiring developers, we need money.

Advertisements give us a small amount of money to invest and give a better experience. Please bear with us since we can’t remove the ads completely.

Unknown source error while installing

Everytime we install any app from sources other than google play store. Our Android devices are designed to block them showing unknown source error. It can be configured easily by following the steps given below.

  • First of all go to the settings option on your smartphone.
  • Search for security settings and click on the allow unknown sources and approve it.
  • Once you approve unknown sources, You are ready to install the apk on your smartphone.
  • This procedure is for Android version below Android 6
  • For Android 7 and above.
  • Go to apps & settings.
  • Click on special app access.
  • Search for Install unknown apps.
  • Allow the option for the browser from where you are downloading the apk.
  • Then install it again from the browser.

By this way you can easily install the app without unknown sources error.

Beetv apk connection error

This is a simple error which comes while installing the apk. Just simply clear the data of the app and force stop. Now, Toggle the airplane mode on and off.

Follow the installation procedures correctly to install the app. You should grant all the permissions for proper functioning of the app.

Beetv Apk Alternatives

Despite of so many amazing features sometimes we still need to move on to other things. Here are some alternatives which can be used by the users of beetv apk.

  1. Showbox – The app which comes in mind after thinking of free movies & tv shows is showbox. This is one of the best alternative for beetv. It has the same amazing features as of beetv apk. It has more user friendly environment and better app control. You can download variety of resolution according to your need. It doesn’t only have HD but also others like 240p,360p,480p,720p etc.,
  2. Mobdro – Mobdro is a free to use app similar to it. Mobdro also has live tv option along with other similar options. It is more like a tv than an application. The app hosts all almost the tv channels on it for free. It can be one of the best competitor of beetv.
  3. Popcorn time – Most famous app when asked for free tv shows & movies in US & UK. It has a paid subscription for the VPN service. Otherwise it is free to use.
  4. TVtap – The list can’t complete without stating about this app. It is one of it’s kind. Tvtap doesn’t have much ads and fully free to use. It is a new app in the market but still gives tough competition to all the apps out there.

What’s new?

In the latest version 2.3.7 of beetv app the following features are added.

  • Minor bug fixes.
  • Hindi movie section added.
  • Clear history option given.
  • FAQs section updated with latest troubleshooters.
  • Application size optimisation.

Wrapping Up

So, This is the guide of the latest version beetv present in the market. If you want to know more about the application then comment below. You can also contact us directly. The app is going to have some awesome features in the near future.

Thanks for reading, Hope you like our application. Feel free to contact Us.

Beetv Apk v2.3.7 latest version free Download 2019

Hi friends! I hope you all are doing well. You would have searched at least once to download your favorite movie or TV show on internet. Many websites are

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