BeeTV For Chromecast – Install BeeTv on TV

BeeTV For Chromecast: Want to watch your favorite movies on bigger screen then here is the simples way you can use BeeTV For Chromecast, and enjoy streaming of your movies on your Desktop or on TV Screen.

In our last post we discussed about how you can use BeeTV App For PC but the feel you get on PC with BeeTV isn’t that good. So, here we are with an another tweak to make BeeTV available for your Chromecast.

In the simple words, you can use your BeeTV Application on the TV without paying any extra charges, It’s free but it isn’t officially available for TV yet.

BeeTV serves all of its movies for free, there is no hidden charges and no subscription-based System. Feel the stream anonymously and enjoy the content.

What is Chromecast?

BeeTV on Chromecast

Chromecast is a gadget used to stream your handy device screens on your TV. Google Chromecast allows you to connect your device with your TV using Internet or Port (whatever your prefer) and then control all the options with your voice or gesture buttons.

There is currently only one Chromecast option you can go with, Which is Google Chromecast. Don’t fall for any other setup, none of them worth your money.


-An Android smartphone with Cast Screen option.

Google Home Apk Application to make quick link between Chromecast and your Smartphone.

-Chromecast installed on your TV

-Working Internet Connection (Wi-Fi, Ethernet)

BeeTV For Chromecast – Use BeeTV App on TV

BeeTV For Chromecast

You must have to connect your TV with an Internet Connection or with HDMI Port Cable with WiFi. In the end, you must need working Internet connect to BeeTV on Chromecast.

Once you are done with this step move to the further process.

Now the things you need for this are, Google Home Android App.

You can download it from here.

After installing the Google Home App you need to search for nearby Chromecast connections.

Turn on your Chromecast by connecting it through the Internet.

Pair the devices with each others.

Open the BeeTV App on Android and click on this Cast Screen option and allow the connected device to share screen.

Chromecast BeeTv

Let the Chromecast fetch and render all the contents.

After this, You can start streaming your contents as it’s now officially connected to your TV Screen.

To get control over volumes and seek options you can use Chromebook remote or your voice commands.

Note: Sometimes the app didn’t get enough credentials to make connection with Chromecast to BeeTV. In that case, I suggest you to find any similar app with the Cast Screen Option and pair the device from that App.

Suggested Apps: Spotify, Google Music, YouTube

Final Verdict:

So, This is how you guys can stream free movies using BeeTV for Chromecast, if you face any issue or stuck somewhere in between the process, Feel free while asking for favour.

Also, if you know some other way of using these apps on Chromecast and want to share with us then leave your message in our inbox.

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